My Portfolio

I joined UWE Bristol in 2020 as a 1st year student in filmmaking. Although the pandemic has restricted this experience, I’ve found it extremely enriching to navigate this uncertain time with my fellow creatives. We’ve made some beautiful pieces of art, even from the constraints of isolation. This has included my first professional and budgeted short film ’32 Voicemails’

I’ve also found time to create my own work on the side of university, with projects such as the ‘Purgatory‘ music video for my band, ‘City Never Sleeps‘ and ‘My Brain is Cluttered‘ being my favourites. On the ‘Purgatory‘ music video I got to be the creative director, working along an amazing team including my director Ava Galli and my producer Robert Waite who both helped to bring my ideas to life.

Having a good balance between my university and personal work has well equipped me for my professional work. They’ve been important learning curves of how to (and how to not) run productions and have helped me create connections with up-and-coming filmmakers who I could work with on future projects.

Portfolio 2022 video coming soon…

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