Encounters Film Festival: Immersive Film

During my first year at UWE film, Felix Hodgson, Louis Barron-Forde and I made an interactive film using new and innovative software ‘’. Stornaway works to mirror interactive films such as Netflix’s ‘Bandersnatch’, and I was really excited to work with new software outside of traditional linear filmmaking. Thus, we birthed ‘Lost and Found’; a […]


‘Lost in Translation’ response

‘Lost in Translation’ is a Romance/Drama by Sofia Coppola; a 2003 film that follows characters Charlotte and Bob, and their respective dissatisfaction for their trips to Tokyo. Through their glances across a hotel, a friendship is built where each learn about their counterpart’s life, and take good lessons from each other. Bob sums this up […]

Why do we need experimental film?

With reference to illustrated examples and critical writing, discuss the importance of experimental filmmaking as a form of art practice. What insights does it bring and what does this require of audiences? It is undeniable that experimental film, and its similar sister movements, are part of the building blocks of the conventional fictional cinema we […]

‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’ response

I think there is a lot to be said about affection and attention in this world. I grew up in a generation that spent their teenage years surrounded by social media and dictated with what attention they were grasping from different sources. I think many of us were hung up on the idea of love, […]

Film as art practice

As Al Rees expresses in the preface to his book ‘A History of Experimental Film and Video’, it is widely accepted that mainstream cinema and what is known as experimental or ‘avant-garde’ cinema are two very different sectors of the same art form. Mainstream cinema tends to abide by cinematic conventions, whereas avant-garde cinema tends […]

Emotional response through inner conflict

Within cinema, we seek to find alignment in the subjective nature of film. We are often onlookers to character’s lives, and thus their decisions, emotions, and social interactions. In this way, we are often emotionally invested into how we subjectively view a character’s life, but from an onlookers’ standpoint. However, while we believe we are […]

The City Never Sleeps

‘The City Never Sleeps’ is a film I shot on a BlackMagic 4k Pocket Camera I borrowed from my uni. The voice over covers ideas of isolation within the city- this follows on from my last project ‘1:01’ which covers isolation within uni halls. I mixed the cold visuals of an accommodation block- the opening […]


‘1:01’ is a film I made in my uni halls about the loneliness of moving away and out of home, only to be faced with deafening silence and the lack of comfort that uni halls gives. ‘1:01’ tells a story of a girl being wide awake at 1am trying to find comfort in material objects; […]


‘Tinted’ is a film about the anxiety of leaving lockdown / isolation. I made this just before lockdown was lifted, and used it as a way to express my own anxiety of going back to some sort of normality. I named it ‘Tinted’ as a link to the common phrase ‘rose coloured glasses’- pretending everything […]

Beautiful Traces

‘Beautiful Traces’ is the third part to my three-part series: Places, Faces, Traces. This project was my way of looking at human connection within the national lockdown; how do we affect and change spaces by our relationships to objects. I determined that three things create connection within our lives- other people, the places where we […]


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