About Me

Hi! My name is Kate.

I’m a 19-year-old amateur filmmaker originally from Wiltshire, but now living in Bristol studying filmmaking at UWE. My passions include pottery, films, and music. Along with being a filmmaker, I’m also part of a two-piece band called Dazed (@dazedbris on Instagram) where my friend Jack and I write music together and occasionally gig around Bristol.

My passion for filmmaking really was started off by my Grandad- he worked for Radio Tees as a radio host when my mum was growing up, and frequently found himself dabbling in the art of video. When I was young he encouraged me to look into the finer details of life and encouraged me to do this through the lens of a camera. I’ve never looked back.

I’m very proud to say I’ve worked as both a runner and a junior researcher in the development team of OneTribe Tv on a number of occasions. Having this connection with Dale and her team has really opened me up to new ideas and concepts which I never would have looked into before. They’ve also had me back into the company on multiple occasions for when I’ve needed work experience, so I’ve built some really solid relationships with the team.

I’ve also worked with Bristol-based company Stornaway.io to create an interactive film called ‘Lost & Found’ which I co-directed and co-edited with Felix Hodgson and Louis Barron-Forde. This film was entered into the immersive section of Encounters Film Festival, where I also took part in a round-table interview.

I also worked as the sound designer on ’32 Voicemails’, working with Jake Corner as my director and Max Chatfield as my producer. The film was entered into Brighton Rocks Film Festival gaining an honourable mention.

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