‘1:01’ is a film I made in my uni halls about the loneliness of moving away and out of home, only to be faced with deafening silence and the lack of comfort that uni halls gives. ‘1:01’ tells a story of a girl being wide awake at 1am trying to find comfort in material objects; her book, her bed etc. I chose to use a contrast between the tungsten lighting of my salt lamp and the neutral, almost cold, colours of my uni room. I also chose to use a music track with a high pass filter so that it feels as if the character is isolated from the world around her. However, I also created a connection to the external space of the world by using a diegetic soundtrack of the rain. Both the high pass filter and the diegetic sound creates this weird feeling of being both simultaneously connected and disconnected to the world around this character, thus creating this odd sense of isolation she feels.


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